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There are many types of online surveys, and each will require a different approach. So, in this article, you will learn about an effective way to conduct online consumer survey with a high response rate and a high level of engagement.

What is the value of surveys in corporate culture?

Corporate culture works for the employer’s brand, and affects the awareness of your personal contribution to joint work. It is also crucial for staff retention, as specialists pay attention to how favorable the atmosphere in the company is. So how do you get an accurate picture of workplace culture and identify potential areas for improvement?

The value of a survey is indisputable and it does not matter whether it is open or anonymous. The only question is whether anonymous surveys can contain much more necessary and useful information since nothing will stop employees, and they will be more truthful. The system allows you to create an anonymous survey and get a real picture of how satisfied the company’s employees are with conditions, goals, and attitudes.

How to monitor the mood of employees with the online survey?

Employee productivity is one of the main conditions for the company to work as efficiently as possible. The main factor affecting motivation and productivity is the mood of employees. Therefore, HR specialists should monitor it. And if in small companies you can talk personally with each employee, then in large firms everything is much more difficult.

The special systems that create a survey can generate a small survey that a person must fill out every time they log into it. This makes it easy to monitor the mood of employees and calculate changes. Among the other options of it are:

  • There are response statistics.
  • In templates, you can change the display of text, and add images.
  • Results are uploaded to Excel.

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