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What if you want to find out what people think about a certain product or service or if you want to collect their thoughts on a topic that appeals to everyone? There are many survey maker tools available that can help you ask questions directly to people in situations like this.

How to measure the quality of employee behavior and increase their productivity?

The survey helps business people to conduct business effectively. Today, many companies are growing rapidly on the Internet. For an online business, surveys are necessary to know your customers. They also help to measure the quality of employee behavior and increase their productivity, as well as:

  • Such surveys are easy to set up. 
  • They are especially useful when a choice needs to be made, and you want to involve a group of people in the decision-making process. 
  • Unlike regular polls, you can see who voted for which option.

Online survey makers are software for creating online surveys, collecting results, and analytics. They can be used for marketing research and personnel management. Almost all constructors work as cloud platforms and offer functionality for compiling surveys of any complexity.

The most popular evaluation solution

The 360 degree feedback survey is one of the most popular evaluation solutions. For example, the costs of organizing a survey are incomparably lower than, for example, the cost of a full-fledged assessment center, competency-based interviews, and psychometric instruments. Often, companies independently organize a 360 assessment by the forces of the internal HR function.

The 360-degree evaluation is a popular and widely used system for receiving feedback on employee performance. The purpose of the evaluation is to analyze the strengths and areas for improvement in the employee’s activity, and planning for his further development. It not only helps the employee to grow but also helps to increase the productivity of the organization.

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